Sunday, April 25, 2010

Can i see a dermatologist without insurance?

How would i be able to see a dermatologist if i have no insurance? is getting a consultation very expensive if i pay out of pocket? Does it depend on what is being looked at? I am a working college student and I am concerned about a mole that has the signs of being precancerous. Any info would help.Can i see a dermatologist without insurance?
You may have to put a percent of the visit down. Depending on the doctor they may work some payment plan out with you. Let them know beforehand. Usually you do not pay the rest of it until after the visit and if you do not have it then you just do not have it. They will just have to bill you.Can i see a dermatologist without insurance?
Yea, you're going to have to pay. An appointment if probably a flat rate, but if it is serious then sh it can get expensive really fast. Your campus should have a health services department, but they might not have a dermatologist. Not having insurance sucks, but a mole is probably something that wont disqualify you as a preexisting condition.
Have you gone to your campus health center? They would be able to look at the mole and advise you further. Expensive or not, you may have to have it check out anyway.
If you are going to college I would suggest getting health insurance through the university if they have it. Then you can go see a dermatologist.

University health insurance is not that exspensive
a consoltation can be free.

Go to your schools doctor and get them to biopsy it.

Should cost about 80 to 180 bucks.

Its worth the releif of knowing.
Yes u can.I had a mole just removed and it cost 150 for the dr visit and 250 for them to send it to be tested for cancer.
sure you can

im 12 and i just went to a dermantoligist this year and i no that we dont have ensurance and we got in just fine

you can see any doctor without insurance, you just have to pay for it (assuming your in the US).
Just call any office and ask them how much it costs for a consultation.
of causel. and it is not that expansive. Treatment is another story.
Of course you can, but its not going to be cheap!
aside from paying for it yourself, perhaps your citys social services can assist you with medical coverage

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