Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Should I see a dermatologist or go to a spa for skin care?

I am 25 and still have peoblems with acne. I look at my skin up close and see so many holes, whiteheads, and blackheads.I am really noticing scars lately too. My skin just looks so dull. For once I would like to have smooth, healthy looking skin. I have tried the glycolic peel, and it did help a little, but my skin still looks dull. any suggestions of what to try next? will a dermatologist help, or should i try something else such as laser tx at the spa. please help. I want to feel pretty again, and feel better about myself.Should I see a dermatologist or go to a spa for skin care?
You should definitely go and see a dermatologist, they really do help. I used to have very severe acne myself... I had whiteheads, blackheads, acne on my shoulders, chest, face and back. It was pretty bad. I tried everything even Proactiv, but that didn't even work. Whats great about the dermatologist is that they will look at your skin, and prescribe a prescription that especially suits your condition. Where as, most acne products just ';treat'; mild, general acne. I know it may take a while and a bit of effort from you (they prescribed me like 5 prescriptions when I first got there, but once you get better its only like 2), but let me tell you its all worth it. You probably can't imagine it right now, but you're only months away to clear skin. Good luck, and I hope I helped.Should I see a dermatologist or go to a spa for skin care?
Definitely see a dermatologist. First, you need to clear up your acne. After that, talk to your dermatologist about what he recommends for the scars and to make your skin appear its best.
you should be scrubbing your face every day and night with clean and clear scrub and there are creams like oxy clean or pads like clean and clear scrub pads and biore nose and face strips will get rid of the black heads. you can't just get rid of pimples and stuff in like 1 day, it takes about 2 months of scrubbing and moisturizing. yes you should go to a spa every ones and a while to get facials and they will also clean out your pores and squeeze your black heads. you can also get at home masks, i find the clay ones work the best. also a doctor can give you a perscription.

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